Application error!1

I have given the link…

Yep but no description of what you did, we aren’t mind readers.

actually I installed wp fastest cache and I changed its settings after submitting its setting, it showed me this error.

So try the fixer?

i DID and its giving me error: Failed to validate Recaptcha!

Have you checked “I’m not a robot”?

Did you check the box?

of course I did but still its giving me this error

I got the error too, weird…
I’ll check what’s wrong in a second.
We’ll manually fix your website for the time being

Apologies for that, I’ve fixed your site manually and thanks for flagging this issue to us.

thank you sooo much, you guys are really supportive to us for 24/7
Thanks again…

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Temporary fix has been implemented too.
The tool should work fine for the time being.

Huge thumbs up to @Infinity for manually fixing your issue.