Application error 500 due to w3 total cache


Hi all
i have also recently downloaded w3 total cache and have the same problem please help
i have ftp and have found the found the w3 total cache and deleted it but it hasn’t gone
please, please, please tell me how to delete plugins through ftp and if there is any other way i can get my site,


working again.
I’m getting error 500 and when i access wp-admin or login page or my website it is saying Application error
An error occurred in the website and your page could not be displayed. If you are the website owner, check your logs for details.

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Please log in to the file manager and delete the htaccess file.


thank for the speedy reply will do so now


do i also delete htaccess_original


Nope, then go to plugins wp-content, plugins, and delete the extension’s folder


THANK YOU SO MUCH. have a good afternoon


what would you say the best way to speed up my site for free would be.


Use cloudflare for SSL


out of curiosity does w3 total cache work in earlier versions of wordpress?


It is not supported by 000webhost, that’s why :slight_smile:


are plugins like wp fastest cache


and does 000webhost support ewww images


Hi @athak

Cache plugins are not allowed in 000webhost as it is a free platform. You can upgrade to use those.

I’m not sure whether 000webhost supports ewww image plugin. Can you tell us why you need those plugins?


W3 cache plugin is a bad plugin anyway it causes errors you should use some other cache plugin like WP super cache made by wordpress it may work. Dont use any other like wp rocket or wp fastest cache.


Nope, just do not use any plugin of that kind.