not working


Hi My site is not working. Its hosted in


@bawlochoro I’ve Fixed it for you!!!
Your website is working fine now.

Note:- Don’t use any kind of cache plugin, specially “w3tc plugin”.


Then try using cloudflare for SSL

Or change your paths.


I did Cloudfare part but still same error exist


If you browse your website through https, everything loads fine.
Though the certificate did not issue get :wink:


What should I do to run my website on http

I dont want any https thing!!!


Then change your css paths from https to http :wink:


Check paths using inspect element. its ‘://’ for all calls so if I hit http then it should take http but its not


I see you are using wordpress, please change the domain from https to http following this tutorial


No success till now. Can you tell me how can I download my website from 000webshost?



Hi @bawlochoro!

I have fixed all the issues.

Also, never use W3Total Cache plugin, nor other HTTP(S) forcers.