Can't access my database


I was trying to access my database, but I continue to encounter above error. I also waited for a couple of hours but it’s still not accessible.

Also, I wonder how I reached 15000 queries per hour. I only have about 6 pages, with about 2-3 queries each mostly for viewing and basic updates of profile and password. My users are only 30, including me.



Have a look at this topic

If your website is a wordpress one, try deleting useless plugins.


Thanks for the prompt reply.

I can now access the Database. However, I don’t use wordpress, it is a simple 5 pages site created from sratch.

I understand there are limits, but I’m puzzled on my simple site with a couple of SQL queries per page to reach 15000 queries in an hour.

I also checked other related forums to this and was told that there is no way for me to reach that much queries unless the limit is shared for all free users of 000webhost.

Is there a way to monitor number of queries? I made my own counter for queries, and it only reached 50 queries at most for an hour from my 30 students.

I plan to subscribe to upgrade once my site is stable.

Thanks for your help.


A query counter?
I don’t think it’s possible.
Anyway, it depends on how many users access your site and perform queries (INSERT, UPDATE, SELECT…) :wink:
And yes, upgrading to premium will remove those limits :wink: