Can't change the sleeping time of my website



I’m not able to change the sleeping time of my website. The update button is inactive.

I would like to change the sleeping time to: 04:00 AM GMT +2

My email is:

Thanks in advance.


Did you try changing the time before trying the update button?


Yes, but the update button remains inactive.
It has been so for several days.


GMT+ (x) and time please.


Desired sleeping time start at: 04:00:00 AM GMT + 2


Did you change it earlier today?


Nope. I haven’t changed it since several days ago.


@mantas.daraciunas check it please :slight_smile:


Shall I ask @mantas.daraciunas for help?


He’s already notified :wink:


hi! i’m new here. have the same problem of Adam36.

@ckhawand, could you set the sleeping time to 05:00 AM GMT -3 please?


site address:


Alright, sleeping time updated.


Hellow @ckhawand
Same Problem here.
Website: pukar11.000webhostapp.comCapture

I would like the time to be 2:00 AM (GMT +5:45)


My site is not updated yet.
Please update sleeping time to 04:00 AM GMT +2

2017-12-19 Website Settings


Alright, everyone

@mantas.daraciunas check @Adam36


My site also has an inactive Update button
It is currently set to 11am GMT+12 and I would like it to be 02:00am GMT+12

Site is

Thank you


Did you change the sleeping time recently?


THanks for the reply.
No I did not change it. I noticed during the week that the site was down at 11am and went to change it, That is when I found that the Update button was disabled, such that I couldnt change it. I found this thread and see that many other users have the same problem.


Hi @bubbles321

  • Can you screenshot your issue?
  • What is your browser?
  • Can you post a screenshot of the console panel of your browser debugger, if it has one. :slight_smile:

So that we can check why your update button was disabled.