Can't go onto phpMyAdmin


Ive been having this problem for more than 2 hours , can this be ? any help


SQL query: Edit Edit

MySQL said: Documentation

#1226 - User ‘id3327574_britehouse_customer’ has exceeded the ‘max_queries_per_hour’ resource (current value: 15000)



Is it supposed to be reset
30 concurrent connections (per database)
max_queries_per_hour = 15000 (DB read)
max_updates_per_hour = 5000 (DB write)
to 0 every hour ?


Thanks for the explanation. I wish there was a sort of email notification about this…
Anyway a couple of days ago the service started to complain about my site, which happens to abuse max_queries_per_hour limit… Could you please explain how this limit is measured? Are SQL SELECTs counted or rows returned?