Cant register

wow im so impressed by all of this.
anyway, ive tried signing up for an account and got redirected to
so after inputting my details i clicked continue and it said please try again later, so does anyone know why i cant sign up???

some countries are not allowed to signup with 000webhost. You are from?!

united kingdom

well, well,
I think the Uk isn’t in the black list…it’s another issue…did you try again?!

I had the same problem. It’s some configuration error on the server side. They might be blocking some regions, but that shouldn’t redirect me to another site.

BTW, which countries are not allowed? Where can I find information about it? Haven’t seen anything about countries in the TOS or FAQ.

That link redirects me to the main page. Did they delete the page you pointed to or is it just me? :o

I see the problem is fixed now and seems there’s no need to register again. When I tried it “told” me this subdomain is already taken and my email address already in use. I just logged in with this email address (and the password from the “failed” sign-up attempt) in the members area:

But now there’s this little problem I need to activate it by email and I didn’t get the activation email. The FAQ say if I didn’t get the confirmation email then sign up again:

The problem is I can’t sign up again as my subdomain is already taken by me…

I have uploaded all my existing htm files to my domain. But, i am not able to point my domain to the server. Please help me how to run this.


Did you change the name servers at your domain registrar?

If you already did it could take up to 72 hours (usually less) until the change takes effect.

And while I’m here, is there a way to have the activation email sent to me? I tried submitting a support ticket, but after submitting it the system says there are no open tickets, so I have no idea if it was submitted or not. (My email provider doesn’t block this domain because I did get emails from this forum. It’s probably due to the temporary registration error that I didn’t get my activation email).

ive signed up but when i log in it says:
need email confirmation

i havent been sent one yet and its over 12 hours since i registered.

so admin if your there can you send me a confirmation email please

this is getting rediculous now its been 3 days since i signed up and i still havent even received an email confirmation to log into my account,
whats the point in signing up for an account if i cant use it!!!

submitted tickets to admin but they have ignored it!!!

i am also waiting for activation mail since 3 days …submitted many tickets but no reply …is there any other way to use my account? does anybody supporting the webhosting or not?


till now i didn’t get my verification email…

signup with