Connecting to FTP using FileZilla on MacOS


Head over to FileZilla and download it direct!

Once downloaded launch the installer and complete the installation correctly.

After installing open up FileZilla and top left you can hit “Site Manager”

Click on “New Site” bottom left and enter your 000webhost information as required

Your host is and port can be left blank in most cases

Your FTP protocol is as standard FTP - File Transfer Protocol

Encryption: do not use choose “Only use plain FTP (insecure)”

Logon type is “Normal”

User is user taken from so in this case the website is so my username is macostesting

Your password is the website password changeable via > Manage Site > General Settings > Change Password

Ensure to select the correct security option to prevent erroneous popups.

Once you’ve saved your site, click connect and if all is well with your local connection you should be connected immediately and ready to upload!

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