Constant Wordpress Installation Page

Cannot access my site since the 00webhost DDOS attack. It’s not rate limiting because I’ve been struggling with access for months now. Initially your PHP database service was down. I waited that out. I can now log into PHP and confirm that my data is still there. image

My suggestion to you would be to enter phpmyadmin since you confirm your data is still there and export it as soon as possible as the URL you’ve provided me shows 0 tables 0 mb data therefore it would appear there is no data.

Once you’ve exported your data then you can make a new database and import the data and then set your wp-config.php file to the new database name, username and password to allow WordPress to work again.

Keep regular backups of your website files and database to avoid data loss as we do not keep any backups at all of any free website or database as it simply isn’t possible and we can’t provide any assistance in the event of data loss / server failure etc.

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