Custom domain options

Given the changes in the free version of 000webhost, is using your own custom domain with zyro or Wordpress still possible? If so, have any of the instructions changed? Or does one still configure the domain’s DNS provider to point to and And for Wordpress, the turtorials at Updating your WordPress URL from to a custom domain like and Updating your WordPress URL from to a custom domain via DATABASE

Are there any other instructions or does this cover it?

Using a custom domain is still possible, yes. All those tutorials are up-to-date to my knowledge.

Hi sulliops -
thanks for the quick reply and sorry for the delay. I had contacted Zyro before contacting you guys and they just got back to me and said “Currently custom domain feature is added to all our paid plans which you can find right here:”. I had told them I was going the 000webhost. Any thoughts?

Using a custom domain with Zyro via our panel would require a payment to Zyro yes.

Thanks Infinity. It sounds like that feature changed as I have always been able to enter 000webhost nameserver info at my domain manager to connect them. When did it change…or am I misunderstanding something? If I use Wordpress (instead of Site Builder with Zyro), would I then be able to connect the domain to the site for free?

Yes of course you can still use custom domain for free with anything other than Zyro i.e. 000webhost WordPress installer, File Upload your own custom website etc.

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