Domain registered at, hosting here at


I’m kind of new in building web-sites industry and my question is - how can I connect domain registered with with my future web-site which I’ll try to host here at Step by step please.

Thank you.

you must put nameservers to the domain which will point to 000webhost. enter your acount in 000webhost and acount details and you’ll see two nameservers.


  1. Enter the settings of your domain on godaddy.
  2. Look for the option or DNS nameservers.
  3. Write in this section the names of the nameservers 000webhost:
  4. Save the configuration.
  5. Create your account in 000webhost with the domain name you have registered in goddady.
  6. You must wait a few hours (usually between 24 and 48 hours) to changes in your domain DNS to propagate to other DNS servers.
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Thank you beska88 and d3iti’s, I really appreciate your help.

Didnt wanna open a new thread.
I have the same issue, after setting up my domain in godaddy i still get the 404 page. Since wasnt working also change the A to the suggested IP

What’s your domain name?
Also, did you sign up for an account using that domain name or are you trying to park it on top of your webuda domain?

Hi and thanks for your quick reply

Domain name:

Here is what had happened, I made an account using the domain name and cofigured everything at godaddy (everything was working so far), but after installing a wordpress I had some issues. Try several times to fix this issue with no success, So I deleted this account and created a new one with the webuda domain and try to park the registered domain. So far wordpress installation is working fine but when visiting or www. I get redirected to the 404 page.

Forgot to mention that since dns names are the same I only changed the A record to the new IP suggested. Maybe I updated the wrong IP??

I have this msg in my panel: You can also point your domain (“A” DNS record) to IP xxx
But my site IP is Website IP address xxx
and if I ping resulted ip is xxx

Should I edit the IP within the post for security reasons??


The domain works fine for me, i don’t see any 404 errors. However, when clicking links on your blog the link shows your domain, like

You might want to update the URL in your WordPress settings

mmm so weird, as long you say that is working fine i will just wait.

Thanks for everything

On my pc i still get the 404, but on a phone through 3g everything is fine, the only thing is that I am getting a lot of add and it makes no sense

i also got same problem
i had bought my domain in godaddy
and i have made that domain nameserver to change as and
when i come to it had some errors
errors like when i give the domain name in add new website it says error
please give me solution

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Follow this tutorial and use 000webhost nameservers to point your domain, let me know how it went for you.

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thanks andrius
but now also it shows error
at first i has been using hostinger to host my domain
now i deleted that account
and change nameservers as and in godaddy
after sometime in parked domain my domain has been shown
i linked it to my website in 000webhost
bt when i access my domain it say the error as
bt i has already deleted that hostinger account
what should i do now?
please reply me as soon as possible

you should simply wait a little longer until dns propagation is complete.

hello , i have a domain in godday and i changed the nameservers,
and in 000webhost, i parked and made all necessary changes.
in both cases everything is fine
but when i am accessing the page, it is not showing the content
it is showing “this site is not parked by godaddy now”

i have completed the process 30 minutes ago…
is it normal to take some time

parking to

@udb I see no 000webhost nameservers on your domain dns.
Update 000webhost name servers and then try again.

or if you’ve already updated then re-update nameservers or try after sometime.

okay, i re updated
btw can you please tell me from where you got the above information…
so that i check it when updated?

please have a look

You can check from these links:-

I now see that nameservers have been fully propagated.
Try now to park your domain.
To park your domain…login to your 000webhost account…“Set Web Address” --> “Add Domain” – "Park Domain"
If you have already parked then remove it completely and then park it again.

removed the parked and added it again…still the same…

after parking again
still the same
btw is it correct