Email smtp settings

hi i’m trying to set up my email to work from 00webhost, i own the web address but my email is from 00webhost i’m trying to set my google account to reply to email using the and any emails to be forwarded to that account witch i’ve done but im having problems with this

Send mail through your SMTP server
Configure your mail to be sent through SMTP servers Learn more
SMTP Server:
Secured connection using TLS (recommended)
Secured connection using SSL
Couldn’t reach server. Please double-check the server and port number.

i new to all this and would like to know if anybody can help me with this please. thanks


"" is this a email forwarder or you have registered with “G suite” and you cant send and recieve emails.

Could you be more specific with your problem…

Hi thanks for getting back to me and sorry for my late response. what i’m trying to do is config my login system to send out emails to confirm account registration and i don’t no where to start. am i able to do via my google account to send messages via google? i own the domain name and i have set up my 00webhost account to forward traffic to that domain but i also need to get the email verification set up right any ideas how i can do this please?

Actually i’m not getting it exactly…

Or you want to set email forwarders??

See if this can help you!!!

what i’m trying to do is when i user registers for my website an email gets sent to the users email with a email verification email that the user clicks to complete the registration but the message don’t get sent and i’m getting this message

The file phpmailer.php could not be found.

any ideas what i’m doing wrong please? i have a free wehost account and also i’ve now become a silver account user so have more control over what i can do

Are you a premium silver user?

hi yes i’m a silver member

Have you tried out webmail etc on the premium?

i changed over to silver yesterday hoping that this problem would sort its self out but i’m still getting ther same message php mailer not found
what i want to be able to do is when a user logs in to my website a email will be sent to the users email address with a link to click to activate there account. but i’m having problems with it and don’t no how to sort out. thank you for your time

Where do you get this error message?
Link me?

Thanks for your help again i’m learning see so everything is new to me so thank you so much. try and sign up on this link and your see what message i’m getting.

that and it dont send the email, but do you no why i’m getting user already exists?

i’m happy, if you don’t mind to give you the accounts details if you would like to have a look?

Feel free to hit Infinity and message to send them over.

i’ve just set up the email system and are not able to send and receive message from my domain name

I keep trying to signup and get the same error.

Within this file the error “Username or email already exists” is appearing because of SQLSTATE23000

Which after a Google means SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation

So there is something needing adjusted in your script, did you make it yourself? If not get your developer to have a look at it.

hi thanks no did not make my self i got it from gitthub? mite be better just making a new one do you no if they have anything i can use for this within my silver account control pannel?

What do you want in the end result?

What are you trying to make etc?