How to set reply-to address for email forwarder


Email forwarders allow you to receive emails from custom email address to your existing gmail (or other) account. But what if you want to send email from your custom domain? This guide will give you instructions to do just that.

Gmail allows adding new alias to Gmail without using custom SMTP. We will use Gmail smtp itself.
(Make sure you have two step verification enabled in your gmail account before you continue.)

  1. Login to your gmail account
  2. Click and Settings
  3. Go to Accounts and Import tab
  4. Click Add another email address
  5. In pop up window enter email forwarder address (leave other settings as is)
  6. Click Next Step
  7. For SMTP Server, put
  8. For Username, enter full gmail address with
  9. For Password, enter your gmail address password
  10. Leave Secured connection using TLS selected as is
  11. Click Add Account
  12. You will receive confirmation email to your forwarder destination, copy number from that email
  13. Enter verification number to input field and click Verify
  14. Now composing message will give you drop down menu to select which email to send from

Now you can send emails from new address.

Note: If you have 2 step verification you will need to create app password instead of your account password in

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Thanks you for your contribution !!


Bro it’s still shown “Authentication failed. Please check your username/password and Less Secure Apps access for ***”


I am using free domain and free hosting. Both forwarding and reply address for email forwarder is not working following the process you mentioned above. Please help in setting up.
Site Name: and webmail is