Error in my database

am getting this eror from my database phpmyadmin my page can’t get anything from the database even my database name isn’t showing help please

now it fixed it self but i want to know why this happing

Hi again, please read this :slight_smile:

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yes, but I don’t think that I used 15000 (DB_read) in one hour or updated, if that matter and you saying by that building a dynamic website is a loosing cost in 000webhosing especially that the website is still under development only me access it, and you sying i used all the DB_read myself with no other website vistors

Good day!

It’s hard to investigate this now since problem vanished. If the issue persists, please reply and I’ll forward the matter to our developers.

Please check and make sure no cron job or other script is randomly performing database read queries. (SELECT) :slight_smile:

ok i will go throw all my select statment and make sure that i only select what i need and hope the proplem doesn’t happen again.

the proplem back again, it just keep going back i dont know hwat to do.

Please make sure that you don’t have a query inside a loop. When I was using 000webhost few years back, the problem was a never ending query inside a loop.

And, it’s odd to exceed the 15000 limit if you don’t have WP installed with many plugins.

i go throw my code again and i didnt find anything wrong with it all query end well

and the code was working just fine yesterday and the day before

the website works smoothly on my localhost and am not getting any error and even when I enable show errors in my cpanel there are nothing

I downgrade php tp 5.6 and the website works good for now

last thing I hope hehe!
look at this to website one is mine and it’s hosted here and the other is for some company

and my website

their website size is 3 times mine but there load time still manage to double mine how is that possible and can I improve my loading time to match them

You could just minimise the use of all images etc on your current site?
Or use Hostinger which improves better speed/reliability.

Apart from that not much.

As stated above and one more thing they are using Cloud VPS which is much faster than shared hostings.

oh, i think this is the main reason thanks bro, i will think of this when decied to go bigger

The problem is unusual. Please switch to PHP 7.0 if you can, and see if the issue persists. If it is possible we’ll replicate and investigate it.

ok i will switch to 7.0 verson i will keep you posted if the problem return and thanks

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