Error - This domain already in use


I was using 000webhost to test my domain “” but few months ago I don’t know suddenly what happened my account started showing error that I need to host my entire website again.

I deleted the previous account and signed up again using the same email address.
Now when I tried to park my domain it’s saying - This domain already in use.

To be honest I don’t want to use any other third party web-hosting services since I trust 000webhost blindly.
Can someone help me with this? Your help regarding this issue will be really appreciated.



Hi @sunny1819!

Domain is not present in our database as being registered…

Please try to point your domain using CNAME records instead…


@sunny1819 Your domain is already in use with your old account.
Seems you’ve signed up for a new account using same email instead of migrating, right??
Are your sure you’ve deleted your website and old panel account properly.

Try to login via this link and delete your website and old panel profile.

Also i see your domain is in use with other hosting.