How do I make a custom adress?


So, I installed wordpress. and made the site, but the thing is that when i enter my website adress “” it gets me to the site but the adress is “” I tried to change it from Wordpress Settings>General> and changed the site adress url, but if i do that i get an error when i try to enter the website, “Conection is not private” and the https is marked with a red line, and If i change the adress from settings only to http the website looks like ■■■■, So the question is
Can I make my adress to be “” without it giving the conection not private error?


@EduardUje Change wordpress and site to your domain name.
Note:- Use “http” not "https"
Not https because 000webhost does not provide ssl to custom domains.

If you want to use SSL(https) then use cloudflare(provides free SSL)


I tried with only http but the site looks like this


Works all fine on my end,
Clear your browser cache and data, then try again or use incognito mode in chrome.


Now it works, but look at the adress, i changed it back, that is why it works. If i put http it looks like in the photo i gave you


@EduardUje i see, I you want i can check it for you,
PM me you account login details.