How do i point my domain..?


Hello everyone,

Finally the domain pointed to after a week. I think it shouldn’t have taken that long but anyways, ALL’S WELL THAT ENDS WELL. :):slight_smile:



Thank you for your instrukcions.You are the best!
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Hi. My domain is with Strato ( and I have spent the past few hours trying to change my nameservers to the ones suggested ie and It all sounds very simple but where my domain is registered, they mention A-Records, MX-records, and SPF-records which require IP addresses and/or the such. I can’t see where the suggested names fit in!! I have gone through all the Help pages and tried to follow the onscreen instructions but it’s isn’t that clear really.

Any help gratefully received. Many thanks.


Let me try to explain what we’re talking about. Usually, the domain registrar (strato-hosting in this case) has some nameservers available that work with your account. If you have hosting elsewhere (000webhost in this case), they might also have nameservers to work with that account. Every nameserver can contain several types of records (A, Cname, MX are the most common). Now, to function properly when the possibility of multiple nameservers are involved - one has to be ‘the boss’.

When you register a domain name with a registrar, their systems sets up their own nameservers to be ‘the boss’. This (or these) nameservers are responsible to contain the various individual records that will connect a hostname to an IP address. If you host elsewhere, this might not be the most convienient setup. What these 000webhost instructions are telling you to do, is to change ‘the boss’ nameservers to 000webhost instead of your registrars. For simple setups, this will be very convenient because several of functions in the 000webhost cPanel create these individual records for you automatically.

Hopefully that helps with the explanation of what they do. Now, with that said, you don’t neccessarily need to have the 000webhost nameservers be the boss. You can manually create the corresponding records at strato-hosting’s name servers and it can still work fine. It just takes more effort and careful thought.

I quickly looked through the FAQ’s at strato-host and did not see anything that obviously allows you to set your own name servers. Some registrars/hosts do not allow users this permission. If you look at thier FAQ article 2082, it seems that you can for subdomains only.

So, to host at 000webhost, you’ll need to create your records manually at strato-host nameservers. At minium, you’ll need:

[]an A record for @ or * (depending on how their interface works) which points to the IP address of your server at 000webhost. This can be found on the right side of your 000webhost cPanel
]a Cname record for www which points to your @ or *
There may be many other records that you’ll need or want, but that should get you started.


Dear SJ Hebert

Thank you for your quick response. If you don’t mind, I just need clarification on a few points (written in CAPS below)…



I’m hoping I won’t have to amend too much more!! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your help.


You’d still need a domain name registrar if you want a Top Level Domain name- 000webhost does not register TLD’s.

This would be an A record at the strato-host name server. I said “(depending on how their interface works)” because I don’t know what format their DNS record editing interface uses. You’re trying to create an A record for the entire TLD (no subdomain) - like mydomain.example (which is not www.mydomain.example). Different user interfaces use somewhat different notation for this record - sometimes it’s an *****, sometimes it’s an @, it could be something else. It’s dependant on strato-host’s interface to create DNS records which I can’t see (you could post a screenshot of what it looks like and someone could probably figure it out).

This point confuses many people. See also the point above. www.mydomain.example is really a subdomain of mydomain.example, just the same as sub.mydomain.example would be. They really are seperate. Usually, by convention, they are configured to point to the same web space, but they don’t have to. Instead of a CName record for www, you could also create another A record. But this is what CName records are really for - they are an ‘alias’ to another name (which ultimately resolves to some IP address). Consider this scenario: if you use an A record for @ (or ***** or whatever it is) and a CName for www, then you change your real hosting to some other web host. You’d only need to change the one DNS A record; the CName would always resolve to the A record, whatever it may be. If you had 2 A records for @ and www, they’d both need to be changed if you moved hosting. This isn’t a big deal for only 2 records, but there are far more complex situations where CName records are very helpful.


Why are there two nameservers to enter? Are they both needed? Is it a backup measure?


Yes, the internet standards require at least 2 name servers - one as a primary, the other as a backup. Ideally these would be physically located in different areas of the world.


I have pointed my domain


Hi all!

I’m having problems to point my domain to 000webhost.
I use ZONEEDIT service as my DNS and I want to point my domain ( to 000webhost.

000webhost info

Server Name
IP Address
—> curious fact:
if I run from CMD: "nslookup"
I receive: Name:

Now, I’d like to know which data I should insert on my A and Aliases (CNAME), so my website is pointed correctly by my DNS.
I just want to point the website, cuz I also have lots of DNS configurations on my ZoneEdit account.

PS: I tried to point “www” A to ip address, but my browser opens the “server main page”.

Any clue?


[COLOR=“Blue”]Aw…is there any way to register a domain for [/COLOR][COLOR=“Red”]FREE?[/COLOR]



No, there isn’t. You can use one of the free subdomains provided by 000webhost.


[COLOR=“Blue”]aw…in other words, I still have to pay…sigh[/COLOR]:frowning:


The faq is the only place that comes to my head.


Please help!

Hello, I am having trouble setting up my 000webhost account. I have a domain through yahoo business and they ask for several DNS categories… A, Cname, and MX records. I have put in my IP address for the A name, and both and as the Cnames… I did not change the MX records ( i think that is for email and I do not need that set up yet) And then after all of this it asks for your Host name, which i entered and again.

Am I doing this right?! I have read all of the FAQ’s and both yahoo and 000webhost help areas… 000webhost wont let me start using the web builder… It keeps saying that my domain does not point to my webhost account!!! :slight_smile:

Any help would be much appreciated!!! Thank you!


Yahoo will be able to provide you with much more useful information than this forum, mainly as it’s their system you’re trying to use! :stuck_out_tongue:


i can’t understand how to point my domain

can u give me example please… THANKS!!!


You need to register it with a domain register, once you do so you need to then go the where they allow you to put in DNS servers and put in the 000webhost nameservers which you can find in your control panel on top.


This is NOT done through the 000Webhost member area, you need to do this type of thing through your domain registrar.

1 - Go to your domain registrar’s (e.g. GoDaddy, Melbourne IT) and login

2 - Look for nameserver settings or similar

3 - Change the nameservers to and

If you have trouble then contact customer support of your domain registrar, they will either do it for you or provide detailed instructions.

Please note that nameserver changes can take 24-48 to take effect.


When i go to and use my domain name, FTP user name FTP password & click next then it’s showing "Domain doesn’t point to a7810004 account"
Now what I have to do to active my web.
Please help me.