How to setup your domain name without using 000webhost name server?


Thank you for your reply. I want to have it for the home page. i.e. and should point to my index/default page. I think to achieve this, I have to define an A Name. am I correct ?


I never try with the main domain but www is a form of sub-domain so it should work. Just define the A-Record. CNAME is for when you use 000webhost name server.


I guess thats correct :smiley:


How do you found the working ip ?


In your cpanel, under account information it will show your IP and add 1 to it.
Please see my FAQ guide in my signature on this specific issue.


In my CPanel, where it says: You can also point your domain (“A” DNS record) to IP, I’m finding that that number changes. It’s different to what I saw yesterday when I was logged in. Is this normal?


Actually, just on my above post, it does indeed change every time I refresh my Account Details page.
Sorry if this seems like a silly question, but what’s the point of adding 1 if it’s different every time I look at my account details?


The point is to prevent DDos but it should work for normal site. It works for me.


Ok. Here are the steps I took.

  1. I read this.
  2. I opened 2 tabs
  3. I typed in
  4. In second tab, I typed in
  5. In GD, I logged in.
  6. In 000, I logged in.
  7. In GD, I clicked “more info” for the domain
  8. In 000, I clicked
  9. In GD, I clicked Total DNS Control
  10. In 000, I clicked Parked Domains and deleted “” (the way before I saw this post)
  11. In GD, I edited the “@” host to blank
  12. In 000, I found working IP (
  13. In GD, I pasted this and deleted 0 into 1 (
  14. In GD, I saved it.
  15. In GD, I pressed Domains
  16. In GD, I pressed the forwarding edit thing.
  17. In GD, I removed the forwarding to (which took you to using .htaccess 301 redirect)
  18. Opened new tab, refreshed GD, typed in in new tab.
  19. In new tab, I receive
  20. Head over to the post, quick reply this.

So… this should be what I did, and my domain should update in the mere 2 hours…


you can’t use A-record with park domain. park domain only work with CNAME. you have to create a site with your domain when point using A-Record.


Um… So I can’t park the domain in my Cpanel using A-Records. The parked domains work with CNAME (actually, they work using NS. My way is 100% perfect. Make NS for the domain in DNS Control like say could be setup with 2 NS, ns01 and ns02 from 000). For A-Record to work, I have to create a site using the domain as the primary domain. Is this correct? Your bad English kind of made me dead, due to the fact I didn’t understand it.

Hope this is what I am supposed to do…

Plus, I do not understand why my domain is not resolving…


I followed all the above instructions and now I have this :

How do I get my index page to show as the home page instead of “Great Success !
Apache is working on your cPanel® and WHM™ Server”

Please help! Thanks.


Actually, it works. :stuck_out_tongue: I backed up my previous site and will post the backup to my new site. THANKS FOR THE TIP!


the reason for people to use A-record is they don’t want to use 000webhost name server.


Yes, but if you have GoDaddy, I know a way you can use your root domain with 000 NS and still have DNS Control, and a nice website. Simply register as a new domain, or a parked domain for any subdomain and go to GD Total DNS Control, scroll down to NS and add and for alias www. Then, go to the main control panel of GD where your site settings are, and use the forwarding option to forward the domain (ex. no www: to the www part (ex. This should work in about 24 hours, just like my domain is handling this, only I have a problem now from deleting the A-Record… my website says that it is currently unavailable…


I have done the following:

Is it possible to use naked domain, and not using 000webhost name server. I have added an A record as www, pointing to the 000webhost server. and tried the forward option you mentioned, doesn’t seem to work for me.

Any suggestions ?



This is actually what I’ve been looking for! Cheers, mate :slight_smile:


Is your last name Native American?


Unfortunately I am not an American :smiley:
Anyway, nice to know you, alexpja.


Hi, about this, I find the IP suggested on the message “You can also point your domain (“A” DNS record) to IP” to be very different from the suggested on this thread main message.

I get from “Account Details” section on cpanel:

You can also point your domain (“A” DNS record) to IP 66.197.150.xx where xx changes every time I refresh the page

AND from the account information section on cpanel:

Server Name
IP Address

So… what’s the working IP? 66.197.150.xx ? OR (70=69+1, as suggested here)?