I can not connect to CPANEL and FTP


I can not connect to CPANEL and FTP.

C-Panel error:

An unknown error occurred. Please try again.

FTP (Filezilla) - Website 1:

530 Login authentication failed

FTP (Filezilla) - Website 2:
Normally connects


This is due to current DDoS attacks. The issues will be fixed soon. :slight_smile:


It´s been down for almost a day, is there any update?


This is all that I know at the moment. Sorry! :frowning:


@rodopega Check this page. It still shows 2 monitors down. As of now there is no time scale for this but will be solved soon.
Status Page


Thank you!
CPANEL working.

Error in FTP (site 1).


Hi @WebMaster88!

I have refreshed the FTP connections for your websites. Please retry.

If the issue persists, please go to 000webhost cPanel > Settings > General > Change password and try connecting with the new password.


Thank you, working!

FTP details
FTP transfer: On
Host Name: files.000webhost.com
Port: 21
Username: userwebsite1
Password: same as your website password


Website name
Website name can be changed here.

Change your website password here. This is also FTP password.
Button: [Change Password]

Unable to connect to server with filezilla

We’re glad the issue has been fixed :blush: