Install SSL Certificate

I have an SSL certificate that I’d like to install. How do I install it?

Hi @TristianK3604
As this is a free service for educational purposes only so you can’t use your own ssl certificate. If you need to use it you have to consider upgrading. :slightly_smiling_face:

Or you can use cloudflare. :wink:

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@Ayu I have heard of Cloudflare, and I have tried it. For some reason, Cloudflare does not have a secure connection on some of my devices, while it does on the others, and on the non-secure ones, I am not allowed to connect.

Hi @TristianK3604

Sometimes cloudflare SSL shows not secure error. But it is a temporary error that will last until browsers get update about new SSL certificates.

We normally prefer 000webhost users to use cloudflare if they own a domain.

If you have any other problem post here. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ahhh, ok! Hopefully that’s what the problem is.