Is Free Hosted Website Recovery Possible


I had a page which was active a little while back but some of the users recently let me know that it no longer shows up since the migration. I tried to put in a ticket but you were in the middle of migration and it looks like the site never ended up migrating or being restored to the new system post-migration so I hope it can somehow be recovered. was the site and it had web pages, images and a database which I hope can possibly be recovered.


Read this:


@Serial You need to migrate to new panel…for your website to work.
Verify same email(one on old panel)…then you can use same free subdomain " ".
Any issues while migrating post here


Logging into the old cobtrol panel I see the message
» Domain » Status » Action Cancelled for Inactivity –

I also see another message before that which says “Your account has been moved to a new control panel. You can log in here: cPanel Login” but when I log in there it empty when I do and don’t see any restore, backup, FTP or migrate option. Went to click keep active when I first saw an issue had the message a month or so back but had this message and couldn’t even log into the new panel at that tine.

Not sure but hope it can be restored from a backup if possible so I can access the data we had on the page and database.


If you have a backup you can upload to new panel.
Cancelled for inactivity, your data was removed and deleted - there are no free backups.