Login to file manager not working

I’ve been trying to login to file manager to make changes to my website but it keeps saying my login details are not correct. Tried changing my password but still comes up with the same error. Can this be fixed? Really annoying as not the first time this has happened…

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@lross Sorry for the inconvenience caused. One of our FTP Node is down at the moment. Plz try afterwards, Admins are aware of the issue and will be fixed soon.

Do you know when it will be fixed?

There is no ETA, basically it just depends on traffic volumes and we are facing high usage at the moment due to the service being obviously free.

Once you regain access whenever that might be you can upload FM to manage files in the future when there are issues and you will still be able to work away.

Ok, thank you! I’m using this for a school project and am trying to update the site. If it isn’t working later I may have to find another solution.

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Plenty of free hosting sites on Google just take your pick you’ll find a working one to do you through school :slight_smile:

Thank you!! Do you know if hostinger will have any good deals?

At the moment you can get 1 year of hosting for $28.64 for a single website.

Or the unlimited site plan is around $54.96 for the year which allows you to host as many websites and parked domains etc as you’d like.