My FTP and My File Manager Doesn't Work

I have had a problem for over a month, my FTP and not even my File Manager works, what can it be? Nothing solves, I can not upload to the site.

@caiomlr What happens when you try to access your file manager?

Plz try this too: Login to your 000webhost account >> settings >> general >> and hit Repair.

Hello, it just keeps loading and does not enter, my internet is not the problem because other sites work normally, I will try to repair

Let me know once you try repair.

I repair and nothing has changed

What is your * url?


Can you try using FileZilla?

It appears to be affected by FTP nodes that are down currently sadly

Once you regain FTP access you might want to upload this

Yes, and not even FileZilla connects, says the connection has expired, but if I use another site of mine on 000webhost everything works

I can’t because neither FTP nor File Manager works

Yes once the FTP is restored