My site is constantly going down


Sometimes my website is down and I have to wait an hour for it to come back.
I have the website linked to the cloudflare and it tells me that all the servers are well minus the website server. I’m leaving a print below.
The problem happens whenever I am working more than 30 minutes on my website.!

My website:


Try putting a new, plain HTML file in the root of your website, and try to access that. I’m seeing a few reports of websites on 000webhost that are exhausting a per-user allocation of server resources (mostly MySQL, but probably also RAM and CPU). Your website does render, but it’s slow, and I see it’s WordPress, which is not known for being fast anyway!

I wonder if there is a plugin to count the number of queries a WordPress installation sends to the database server? Edit: aha, you can do this. How many queries are you running per page request?


Hi @SET_Portugal!

Your website is loading fine now.

Since your website is a Wordpress one I tend to believe you had exceeded the MySQL limits when you were receiving that timeouts. Please read this topic for more information:

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