Rate Limiting Policy


As this is free hosting, there are going to be limits. However, what is available on the 000webhost free hosting platform is often abused by spammers. Because of this, we have implemented a new policy that limits the number of concurrent MySQL connections. These new limits are as listed below.

  1. 30 concurrent connections (per database)
  2. max_queries_per_hour = 15000 (DB read)
  3. max_updates_per_hour = 5000 (DB write)

These limitations are already at a premium level and are subject to change at any time. These limits may be increased or decreased very soon.

For most users, this should not be a problem. Most free users have either a pre-made script that does not require many connections, or custom scripts that only require one or two connections. However, we have discovered that there is sometimes a problem with Wordpress, which is one of the most common scripts on free websites. Most Wordpress users should not have any problems with their site, however those with a lot of plugins may have the following issues.

  1. Pages take upwards of ten seconds to load.
  2. Pages refuse to load.
  3. Pages throw a 502 Bad Gateway error after refusing to load.

In the case that your site is affected by rate limiting, there are two options.

  1. Remove some plugins or find a way to decrease the current number of connections.
  2. Upgrade to premium hosting where rate limiting is not limited as much.

In the event that your website or account is suspended for abusing this policy, you should post on this forum and we will suggest an upgrade. There will be no other way for your data to be recovered.

Known plug-ins which are causing issues

  1. W3 Total Cache - causes Error 500. The fix is to go to /public_html/wp-config.php and remove the line: define("WP_CACHE", true);
    Also, go to /public_html/.htaccess and remove everything between #BEGIN W3TC Browser Cache and #END W3TC Browser Cache
  2. WP Speed of Light - causes Error 500. The fix is to manually delete the plug-in from /public_html/wp-content/plugins and delete the .htaccess (before backing it up!). If you still have issues please open a topic on theses forum.
  3. WP Fastest Cache - causes Error 500. The fix is to manually delete the plug-in from /public_html/wp-content/plugins and delete the .htaccess (before backing it up!). If you still have issues please open a topic on theses forum.

I have installed a theme/plug-in and now I see a blank page!

First, make sure the plug-in is not listed in “Known to cause issue” section. If not, by default our services are offering you the latest stable PHP version (7.1) however some applications are not yet fully compatible with it. Please lower your PHP version and try loading your website again: 000webhost cPanel > Settings > General > Change PHP version > 5.6

If you want premium-grade hosting with no limits, upgrade to Hostinger today! There you can create unlimited MySQL databases with hundreds of concurrent connections!

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thank you so much for the information, I’d pass it along to my friends


Xato!!i quin plugins son aquests?


We do not currently have a list of plugins that are prone to causing problems.