Please help wordpress give me no database

Each time when i try to make a wordpress site i get this error??? I just only instal wordpress and a theme with woocommerce? Why i get thiss all the time?

Thankss for help!

Sorry the picture is in dutch this is the trandslation:

Unable to select the database
We were able to connect to the database server (this means that username and password are correct), but it is not possible to select the database id10579061_wp_37e5aac8465d6e60368f11f473596b27.

Are you sure it exists?
Does user id10579061_wp_5efe2d3fc1f9bff7a73ceef3fce4f65a have the right to use the database id10579061_wp_37e5aac8465d6e60368f11f473596b27?
On some systems, the database name is preceded by your username, which makes it look like this: username_id10579061_wp_37e5aac8465d6e60368f11f473596b27. Could that possibly be the problem?
If you do not know how to set up a database, contact the hosting provider. If all else fails, you can request help on the WordPress support forum.

If the WordPress installed and you managed to access the backend before it did this then it will be rate limiting

Since the install will use a lot of the hourly requests it’d be wise to install, then leave it before sitting modifying it so you don’t run into rate limiting so quickly.

So first instal wordpress and then wait some hours before make changes?

pretty much yeah there is an hourly request limit and the installation will likely use a lot of this limit up so when you start managing your site within the same hour you install then you might face issues