my web loads without end


Hello, I’m using this hosting service since today 08/20/2018 and I have a problem, is that sometimes the web (including in wordpress edition) is loaded without end, that is, the web gets to load and never finish loading, it does not show me any error or anything.


Hi !

Your website is transmitting over 6MB of data per requests which causes it to load slowly. Please consider reading this topic as well: Rate Limiting Policy


Can my hosting service be suspended for that? I do not know what the reason would be, can my theme be the cause of that? I have a theme with many things


You are not suspended and you never have been.

Theme/plugins cause long load times / lag


i change the theme and it keeps happening, sometimes the web loads without end for a good time.


Try cloudflare, this will help you decrease website load time upto some extent.