Why when I work on my site do I end up with the install wordpress page?

I have recently opened a free account and started work on my website, however now when I make only a couple of changes I end up with the install wordpress page? I did this upon joining and try not to make too many changes in case there is a limit, but now all i get is the silly page to install wordpress. Can someone tell me why this would happen please? Thanks in advance

when you exceed the free plan limits this is what happens because WordPress doesn’t know what is happening when the database is frozen

Thanks for your reply.
Ok, but what exactly are these limits? How am I meant to know when I am going to be exceeding these limits? Sorry, but I’m just a bit annoyed by how little I have been able to do and even being careful not to make too many changes for this very reason but it still happens?? Nowt personal and thanks for your help :+1:

So if you see the topic above it details the limits and confines of the free plan.

It also offers the plugin of

If you install that (when you can)

Then DISABLE all the heartbeat functions (not the plugin itself)

You can also use

It will give you a rough idea of how many requests you are using in the backend just navigating around wp-admin and the front end too.

So if you use 50 requests loading a theme page in the backend, 5000/50 for example gives you a limit of 100 pages loadable in an hour in the backend before you hit rate limiting again (only an example)

Thank you so much for your help Infinity. :smile:

I have since managed to install Query Monitor and have made a note of the limits (very useful post) and I will now be able to monitor what I’m using. :+1:

Appreciate your help and for bearing with my mood!

Take care.