Webseite lädt nicht mehr ! Von heute auf morgen?

Guten Tag,

ich habe ein Problem bzgl meiner Webseite, diese lädt von heute auf morgen nicht mehr ohne irgendwelche Fehlermeldungen anzuzeigen. Sie lädt unendlich lange ohne Reaktion.

Seit ich sie das letzte mal geöffnet hatte wurden keine Änderungen vorgenommen.

Webseite: https://kundenwebseite.000webhostapp.com/

Über hilfreiche Tipps wäre ich sehr erfreut.

Tom Schramm

WordPress website/Coded website/Zyro website?

Please IGNORE any suspension emails if you get any.

All right, I’m very confused because my account has now been announced offensitlich? :frowning: And I do not know why.

Yes ignore the suspension emails.

So after a little investigating I can say that the website isn’t loading due to a database limitation.

I have suspended your site to hopefully aid the resolution of this issue.
I will check back here in 4-5 hours.

My Account is now blocked since 12h :frowning:

How long does it take to get back to my 000Webhost Account ? How long you need to activate them again ?

I need this Website as fast as possible :confused: its so much work… please help me Admins !

I have unsuspended your website for the time being, until @Infinity gets back to you :slight_smile:

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I see your site is loading now and database accesses without issue.
Sorry for huge delay.

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Hey infinity,

thanks so far for the quick help! :slight_smile: Unfortunately, all my website content is now deleted.
I now have a new wordpress but all work is gone … Is there a way to reset the database at the time everything was still running? :frowning:

At the time when everything was still running, I had the following pages & links:


-Die Firma
-Wir bilden aus


-Wohlfühlbäder Wellness
-Das Büroteam
-Jubiläum 2017

I would be very grateful for another help or answer.

Kind regards

When you enter phpmyadmin does your database content still appear?
If the content is in the database you should be able to still use the data, make sure wp-config.php contains the correct username and password + database name as well?

Yes i am sure i have the right database & pw…
but it seems like the pages and the content are gone.

In the folder WP Content are as far as I see all the pictures, plug-in etc. available.

i have screenshots…

Usually post/page data is kept in the database as far as I know :slight_smile: have a look in wp


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It seems like the database is destroyed. Unfortunately I can not find a single page anymore: / Is there no way to restore the database? Maybe when I upgrade to Premium? The data is incredibly important … I would give anything to get this back.

Kind regards

If you upgrade it will only offer backup protection for anything you create from today onwards for example :frowning:
I wouldn’t upgrade just take regular backups in future it seems :frowning:
I’ll have another look at the account when I can to see anything is hiding in plain sight

I’ve had a hunt and the database as you say seems to have reverted to default like a fresh install almost, while the File Manager offers the plugins/themes still there etc.
Have you ever taken a database backup at all? :frowning: