WordPress install rate limiting

I have the same issue. It happens every 30 Minutes or so, then after 5-15 Minutes I can access the wp-admin panel again. On the regular domain that I linked to the Main Page of my site the user is asked to install wordpress, and I am asked to install it. When I do a long error log appears, and then after some time i get the message that Wordpress appears to be already installed, then I can login and access everything again.

Help please.

Hi! When that error occurs again, please clear your browser cache (CTRL+F5) and try again.

If the issue persists, please try again later. It’s temporary and developers are aware of it.

I registered yesterday, and I also kept having this exact same problem. Even your visitors see the WP install page instead of your site when it happens :frowning: Right now (we are 10 hours later compared to your message), it is still the same :frowning:

@000webhost I’m really sorry, some free hosting is amazing and everything, and sure, I may upgrade to a paid plan later, but right now, I would just like to publish something to try, and this is unusable !!! :frowning: (I wanted to do it now. Already yesterday actually. You know how it is these days.) TBH, seeing such things happen do not give any confidence to get a paid plan (even if the story is that, “oh yeah, with a paid plan everything works…”).

I understand some problems may be hard to solve, but I hope this get solved quickly (especially as I guess if affects a lot of people trying to visit all the free sites). Take care.

@Infinity What is the situation concerning these problems you were having ? Did you manage to solve things ? Or when can we expect it to be OK ? (I see the message on top of the forum is still appearing)

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Rate limiting is a forever thing, as soon as you reach hourly free plan limits any database script will likely face issues which is why WordPress gets confused and shows the install page a lot of the time.

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Check the threads for more information on installing Heartbeat Control and such.

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Oh ! So I was under the wrong impressions since the beginning. This seems to correctly explain what I experienced. Now, I’m a little confused. I have the feeling to have reached this limits very easily by only accessing the website myself. Even without any installation !? I now fear this will be a problem very quickly if a few users browse a little … And I guess you can’t really know when you’ll reach these limits. Doesn’t seem very usable ;( I would definitely have preferred something working correctly for a limited period of time. Anyway, thanks for your answers !!! :+1:

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