Website is archived

I want to create a new site with the same name “bbounjour.000webhostapp…com”
A message comes out saying to me sorry there is another site of the same name

You told me that the site has been deleted
How can I not create another one with the same name ??

Once the name has been used in the system can never be used again

Hi, guess i’ve got the same problem.
My website has been archived due to low activity

Can it be restore, please?

Let me know if you see the restore button or not…

It’s back online again!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Now i’ve got another problem!!! :grimacing:

I was updating my wordpress, were in the hot…and than:

Can’t select database

We were able to connect to the database server (which means your username and password is okay) but not able to select the id2125019_wp_4c692639fcf1854e2e5ed62c45e1f2c8 database.

*** Are you sure it exists?**
*** Does the user id2125019_wp_4c692639fcf1854e2e5ed62c45e1f2c8 have permission to use the id2125019_wp_4c692639fcf1854e2e5ed62c45e1f2c8 database?**
*** On some systems the name of your database is prefixed with your username, so it would be like username_id2125019_wp_4c692639fcf1854e2e5ed62c45e1f2c8 . Could that be the problem?**

i try to go to my cpanel and tried do fix it on the " Troubleshoot and Fix Your Website" but i can’t,

Likely rate limiting I’ll check it out in a few hours to see if it resolved.

You could check PHPmyadmin to see if you can access that, if that doesn’t let you in then go into file manager and take your wp-config.php password value and use it to set that as the database password and wait five minutes

its back online many thanks

Ok, thanks infinity :wink:

Looks good on this end of the Internet hopefully it is working for you now? :smiley:


Few days ago my website was archived upon request it has been restored but there is problem. All the files has been deleted, the whole website is no longer there.I kindly request you to please restore the website again.

Thank you in advance.

Hi there, like a previous reply your website is infected, check your file manager for the infected WordPress folder, you run the risk of affecting your visitors by continuing without a fresh installation.

My website was also archived, and I upgraded my account but I still can’t restore my website.
please help me :disappointed_relieved:

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Queued for you. :face_with_monocle:

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my website was also archived, i just want to download the source code website, can anyone help me pleaseee, i dont have any backup source code

Queued for you :slight_smile:

Please unarchive my website Thank you

Queued for you. :slight_smile:

Please unarchive my website
Thank you

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