My site is gone

My site has disappeared
Even my account seems to have been deleted and I had to create it again from scratch.
When I try to create the site again with the same name (musicadenovela) it says it already exists.
I was able to update some content a few days ago.
Could you help me figure out what happened? I have backups of it but the site name seems to be in used

I’ve checked upon that website you’ve provided and I can see that the whole account along with website was deleted for user inactivity.

We cannot restore this because it has been deleted and once deleted it is gone - we do not keep backups this is up to the learner to keep regular backups of their data.

We cannot restore the name of your site as once deleted it is gone and cannot be restored simply put.

Sorry I cannot do anything on this occasion - feel free to make a new website using alternative naming and you can upload any data you’ve backed up previously.

Ensure to login regularly once per month to control panel to avoid inactive learner deletions and take regular backups of your website / any data you wish to keep safe.

Logging into the panel is what counts, only logging into FTP DOES NOT COUNT.

Happy site building.