My students' sites are painfully slow


I am a college instructor and I had my students sign up for the free hosting so they could test out WordPress for the first time. They are having seriously crippling issues with the speed of their sites.

I am currently sitting literally beside one of my students trying to help him make an adjustment to his site and it has been over a half hour since we were able to get some kind of response from the WordPress admin panel. On my own computer, my demonstration site is loading just fine. I fully understand that free hosting isn’t going to have the same quality as paid hosting, but this is simply unusable. Nothing on the status page gives me any indication of why my students are having such problems.

Can someone please help me figure out why this is such a catastrophe for my students? They signed up exactly the same way as I did and have done nothing but very basic WordPress things like picking a theme and adding posts. Thank you in advance for your help.


Depends how busy the MySQL server is for queries etc, WordPress can appear painfully slow if the queries aren’t being executed as fast as WP would like.


I understand that there will be limits. However, limiting to the point of uselessness seems counter intuitive to me. This isn’t a bunch of seasoned spammers here. It’s 10 students who didn’t know what HTML was 5 months ago. Writing a simple post shouldn’t be slamming the database so hard that it pukes. Is there some setting, some particular trick or tip that could help them out?