My website loads too slowly


I would like to know why some times my website radio-ondas-do-lima gets too slow then i can’t even open it?! :open_mouth:

thank you


Impossible to say without knowing what code is in it. Try creating a blank HTML/PHP file (e.g. test.html) and put some text (or very simple PHP) in it. Visit it in your browser and tell us if that is also slow. If not, the code in your existing site is probably the problem.

I just tried your website and mine at the same time. Mine responded in ~4 sec (very slow, but the server will be busy), and yours is finally rendering after, I would guess, 3 minutes. Speed your code up :smile_cat:


i guess that it isn’t a code problem because sometimes it is faster but other times it gets too slow! with the same code! try to open it now!


I would be fairly sure it is.

Your code may be doing some caching (i.e. once a page is built, it saves it to file and uses that one).

Yes, loaded in ~4 seconds. That does not, unfortunately, prove that it is the server.

The load averages on the server look quite high, but I have seen free servers much worse:

16.76, 14.27, 12.31

Does anyone know how many CPUs/cores are available to PHP on these boxes?


Hi @josecarlos!

I would like to know why some times my website radio-ondas-do-lima gets too slow

Your website is loading slowly because it servers >4MB per request (including caching), which is quite exhausting for 000webhost. The implemented radio eats up most resources.

then i can’t even open it?!

I see your site is a Wordpress one. From time to time you may hit the database limits, which are treated by Wordpress as timeouts. Please read this topic for more information:


website load slowly due to server load, the database problem, a software problem. so when you face an issue with it you can contact the service provider to solve the issues related to it.


@serverhost: that article is about Windows. The servers here run on Unix/Linux.


Bonjour, es ce qu’il y a des gens qui parle francais ? mon server ouvre ma page très lentement et le problême à l’air de venir de 000webhost… es ce qu’on peu résoudre ce problème ?


Nos administrateurs sont en train de resoudre ce problème, votre patience est très appréciée! :slight_smile:


MERCI ! :slight_smile: dans ce cas je serai très patient.


Merci beaucoup! :slight_smile: