New Domain https and missing images


I just transferred my domain to a .ml domain. I noticed that the woocmmerce shop card and search icon is just a square. How do I make the image show up.

Also, how do I get https onto that domain?


@JFVTV I guess, seems fine on my side.
Can you post screenshot of your issue??


go to this domain you can see the issue there


@JFVTV Strange loads fine from your * url.

But from custom domain… it show blocks.

i’ll check in sometimme and i’ll get back to you…


Are you using wordpress?


ok thank you so much



You had to change all Wordpress URLs to I did that for you :wink:

Please clear your browser cache and try loading your site again.


it worked! How do I get an ssl certificate on the domain so it doesn’t give the link is unsafe error (thank u so much!)


@JFVTV You can use cloudflare, to get free SSL :slight_smile:


thanks is there a way to change the default 000webhost name servers?


First you have to buy a domain.


thanks is there a way to change the default 000webhost name servers?

What do you mean? There are two ways to link your domain: by parking (using 000webhost NS and then linking) or by CNAME records linking.

By linking your domain through CloudFlare you are required to use CNAME linking. If you use CNAME records you no longer need to park your domain, therefore no need to use 000webhost NSs. Use CloudFlare’s ones instead, as the tutorial asks :wink:


it is asking me to replace the 000webhost name servers with cloudflare’s how am I able to access and change the name servers for 000webhost



To update cloudflare nameservers on your domain dns:-
1)Log in to your freenom account.
2)Then to “Manage” of “”.
3)Now got to “NameServers” and update nameservers given by cloudflare.


I have 000webhost name servers and cloudflare. I got an email saying it wasnt working.


You need to only have the two CloudFlare nameservers added in your DNS manager. Remove the 2 for 000webhost. You can point your domain via CNAME in CloudFlare later. :slight_smile:

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