Please help me, my site is sleeping!

I don’t received any email with the reasons about this status:
Now, my site is stoped… I don’t know how to change it… and I can’t backup my files…

My site:

Please, help me to turn on this site again.

Best regards.
Alexandre Lima

Good day!

Website has been suspended because it has exceeded the daily unique visitors quota for free plans. Please read this topic for more information and contact us by email to resolve the issue.


Having the same issue, I opened up my laptop today to finish writing and article for my website. When I tried to publish, it did not work, and when I refreshed, I was directed to a page that said my website is “sleeping” and I cannot change any settings. I have a feeling it was suspended because I did not change the explicit content filter yet.

My website is

I need to get this website back online ASAP as I will be using it to document history of an online server.

Thanks so much!
Shane Long

As the above reply states…

I can’t restore my website from archive anymore, wherever i try it shows upgrade to premium. Please help. My website name is : arow-flares
Somehow I can not use my full website link here

Restoring tonight :smiley:

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I had this same problem today. I literally have TWO users and no real traffic to speak of. To say that I hit some limit is laughable. My site was obviously a victim of some sort of external attack. I find it odd that this hosting service views this issue more from a “their user is abusing their free site” perspective and not really considering the fact that DDOS attacks and other forms of network and website attacks exist.

What really surprised me was that it appears that you get ONE chance for a reprieve, are told to backup your data, and that you most likely won’t be reprieved again… so backup and download your data or else! I don’t know about you, but that came across as very daunting to me. I pleaded my case, saying that it wasn’t my fault and that external spammers are obviously mucking with my little tiny WordPress blog site. I didn’t really get anywhere as far as “we can protect you this way” or “you can protect yourself this way”. Instead, I felt like I was being up sold to the pay service. My site isn’t worth paying for, so I wasn’t finding this to be acceptable.

What I liked:
-My site was released and I was able to access it and back it up.
-Friendly correspondence

What I didn’t like:
-Feeling vulnerable and completely at the mercy of some external hackers being able to shut my site down
-Not being provided some options for protecting myself from external attacks
-The free service automating these limitations and pushing a hard shutdown on my site and treating me like I’m abusing their service without providing some explanation or solution to help me avoid it happening again
-Feeling mostly like I was being told, “Oh well, don’t like it? Upgrade.”

What I did to address my issue (that YOU may want to try too):

  1. I’m not sure if it will protect my site from future attacks, but I thought I’d share the following in case you find it useful… and in case it does protect your site

  2. I work for Oracle and I am an Enterprise Architect / programmer, so I tend to be a more savvy user of web technologies. That being said, I am not really a WordPress person and I’m used to completely controlling my hosts, rather than going through user interfaces that provide a certain experience that offers me far less control. It sort of leaves me in a more helpless position overall, so I’m not generally totally aware of all my options

  3. In my initial research, I used the Stop Spammers spam plugin’s Protection Options>Block Countries. I selected all countries so that the plugin would be more judicious when allowing connections

  4. I created a Cloudflare free account and installed the WordPress Cloudflare plugin on my site, I configured it to connect using an API key and set “Under Attack Mode” to ON (plugin and Cloudflare site), which protects against all sorts of connection attacks, including DDOS attacks. See image below for new user request

I am hoping that the combination of these steps will result in thwarting external forces from causing my sites to overrun site limitations going forward.

Apparently, Cloudflare caches their customers’ websites, which greatly speeds them up! So, I also benefited from a serious performance boost on top of it all.

Perhaps you can research this information and confirm that it helps protect against DDOS attacks on your site, and assists people by avoiding this limit issue in the first place.



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