Redirect host to domain webmail


How do I redirect / webmail to my domain’s email service?

I changed the MX record to, so when access the following message appears:

Not Found

The requested URL / webmail was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request

Domain: Innovahost


You can use the email forwarder option if your domain is parked at 000webhost :wink:


Can you explain the operation better?


Have a look at the first part of this tutorial to learn how to park your domain to 000webhost How to point domain name to

Then, to setup email forwarders, go to your 000webhost cPanel, go to the email section, and it’ll guide itself to setting up an email forwarder

P.S: I cannot post screenshots because my cPanel is having an error :wink:


Thanks for the help, but it is not my intention to forward the email.

The problem I’m having is that I could access and, but after hosting my website at 000webhost and parking my domain, I can not access webmail and cpanel.

Forwarding the email will not solve the problem, as I will not be able to access them.


We do not have webmail and cpanel on free hosting. The premium hosting has incoming email, but if you want full cpanel you should try, because they are the branch of Hostinger that offers cPanel.


Thanks, but I do not want the webhost cpanel, I want it redirected to the cpanel of my domain, which already exists. However, after hosting the site, I can no longer access it.
I do not know if this is possible.


Hi @design07!

Please lower your PHP version and try again: cPanel > Settings > General > Change PHP version > 5.6

Also, are you using a Wordpress site?


Can you be more specific with your issue??
if possible post screenshot.


Set your nameservers to /

Head to > Redirects > you can choose to redirect to any other URL.


I am not using Wordpress.

The domain I hired has an email service. When accessing, access the email cpanel where I enter my login and password.

From the moment I use the site, and set up my name servers for /, and activate my domain in webhost, stops working, giving 404 error , Saying that the file was not found.


Redirecting is not going to work, because using, or also displays error 404.


@design07 If you park your domain using name servers then, you’ll not be having control over your domain dns.

1)If you’re trying to load this url “”,
Then technically here “webmail” will be a directory in “public_html”.
If “webmmail” directory is not present in “public_html” then you’ll get “404 error”.

I have a doubt, Is webmail related to your domain email service?



How can I solve this?


Do you have link to your domain email service??


O registro MX é

Domínio: Innovahost


Yes,MX you need it.

Also what’s the link to your domain email service?
where you enter your webmail login details. What is that url/link?