Switching to new members area for a non-techy guy


This whole moving to a the ‘new members’ area is Greek to me. I am not a techy guy and nothing makes any sense to me. I go to “ftp details” and “phpmyadmin” like it says, but there is nothing to do there. It only allows me to change my password. Aren’t I supposed to be backing up files or something. I am totally lost. Is there a video out there that shows me how? Why does it have to be so complicated, why can’t they just be changed over automatically? I need my sites up and running and until I figure this out, they are in limbo.


Try this tutorial for more help.


There are currently 6/6 network nodes experiencing downtime.

Please check frequently http://static.000webhost.com and proceed the migration after downtime has ended.

We are sorry for inconvenience :sweat:


I have read this and it is exactly what has me confused. I’m not understanding what I am supposed to do.


@themasterofall if you have Windows I can guide you through it.