Too many redirects


i just made my ecommerce website!
but it s too many redirects issue coming up.
i set up cloudflare and i am not using plugins for now.
pls help?also i cant log in wp-admin page;(


If you are using always https in cloudflare, please turn it off


I tried but still same:((


Are you using any https plugin in wordpress?


no.i am not using any plugin


Always https in cloudflare?


it was on in pagerules,i turned off now.let me check again


it seems like same.wat else i can do?


another thing i pointed my domain but it still says waiting?
i dont know where i made the mistake:(


Hi @mb4
Delete your parked domain and then again change the name servers correctly to and and then park it here. :slight_smile:


Do you use any php header with location inside your website?


if i park to ns01 is it still possible to have ssl on my website?


Please follow this tutorial


Have you fixed it seems good here?


I still see https error:frowning:
site works fine.
i set up as CloudFlare https always on,but still i m getting error.


Did you turn on the clouds to orange in crypto?


yes it s been turned on since started using CloudFlare


i turned off Always https.on option as well and trying again and we see whar s happen


Go to crypto, is the certificate issued or still authorizing


It seems like certificate issued.