Website is running but not loading

I had been inactive for like, 2 weeks tops and I came back to my website being unresponsive. When I log in to, it says that my site is running but when I try to open my site, it keeps on loading forever. I have read some other posts made by users facing the same issue and applied the solutions that worked for them but they don’t seem to work for me. Can someone help me?

(I did switch from Windows 11 to Ubuntu during my 2-week absence, and use google’s DNS (IPv4 and IPv8). I also made the website using Word Press but haven’t installed any plugins yet)!
Screenshot from 2022-04-22 16-34-41|690x388


It sounds like a database error, possibly the node you are located on was offline or possibly you had hit rate limiting.
You can see more information here

Currently as of this minute I can see the website loads in the browser for myself over a couple of test connections.

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