Website set to sleep

my website set to sleep idk what i did in manage my website it says the reason is " Violation of Terms of Service" , my website url :

Sleeping/suspended websites are not handled on this forum. See Account Suspension Information
You can resolve a suspension instantly by upgrading to Hostinger. Contact - Live chat

Please DO NOT POST THREADS on the forum relating to sites that have been suspended - we CANNOT offer assistance via the community forum - it must be done via the email - this email address is for ACCOUNT SPECIFIC ISSUES WITH SUSPENSIONS mainly, any other technical support questions etc CAN BE posted freely on the forum.

You can

  1. ignore the email and after 14 days your account is automatically removed to conserve disk usage for other free learners

  2. appeal via the email in a timely manner with the steps detailed

  3. upgrade for 1 year premium for $39 via -
    Special discount code “DGMAX15”