Where can I get the IP (for DNS A) and the name of my server?


I’m trying use my registar to point to my 000webhost (free) using “A” with IP, but I can’t find that in my CPanel.
Even the name of the server doesn’t show up.
I want do that for to use another e-mail system, that’s why I’m not using ns01.000webhost.com and ns02.000webhost.com (this the only information that I have on my cpanel.

I read this thread: How to setup your domain name without using 000webhost name server?
But again, I can’t find the IP of my000webhostapp.com.

I’m dreaming or doesn’t have anymore that information?
Any help?



That thread is outdated, as it is for the old panel. With the new system, the IP of your site will change periodically, so we do not use A records. Use a CNAME record, that way you can use another MX record for email. You use the record below and replace “example.com” with your domain name and “yoursite” with your 000webhostapp URL.

@ points to your yoursite.000webhostapp.com


Tks, but using CNAME I can’t point to a Without-WWW. How can I solve that? Using a 301 redirect?


You point the @ (which is the non-www) to your site, and you make a record that points to your domain.

@ points to yoursite.000webhostapp.com
www points to example.com

Just like before, replace “yoursite” with your 000webhostapp URL and “example.com” with your domain name.


Ok, but I have another problem. My registar don’t let me use @ for CNAME. I can use CNAME only with WWW (or other subdomain).
And that’s my big problem. How can I point to my 000webhostapp.com without www?


On my registar I can’t use:

@ CNAME mysite.000webhostapp.com
@ A mysite.000webhostapp.com

CNAME, I need use WWW or other (can’t be blank)
and for A I can’t use a nameserver, only a IP.


Try instead of @ use example.com and replace that with your domain name, it depends on the registrar. If that doesn’t work, contact their support and ask them how to make a root CNAME record.


What do you mean, that I use this?:

@ points to mydomain.com
www points to mysite.000webhostapp.com

Because as I said, I can’t use: @ points mysite.000webhostapp.com (because my registar doesn’t let). I need put WWW on CNAME or need be “A” and I can’t use mysite.000webhostapp.com with “A”, the class “A” only can put with IPs.


I know that. You cannot use A records to point to 000webhost. What is your domain name, I will give you the proper records.




I want to use with and without WWW.


Okay, set the CNAME records below at your registrar.

bdmc.com.br points to yoursite.000webhostapp.com
www points to bdmc.com.br

Once again, “yoursite” should be replaced by your 000webhostapp URL. I checked, and your registrar (registro.br) requires that you use root CNAME records using your domain name, not @. If this still doesn’t work, use my tutorial on how to setup Cloudflare and point to 000webhost, and it will allow the root CNAME record to work properly, with and without WWW.


I already hear about cloudflare.
Tks sulliops!!!