Which CMS will work here?


@above me
If you haven’t, try to use it via 000webhost.com Members Area, below Useful Stuff group, you should found a feature called 1-Click Website Restore. Read the instructions given, and you’ve uploaded all files needed by your website only in 1 click (and lossless)!


Yes, I understand. I also press on the button “Back”.
I spoke about an error “Failed to create the database connection!” I should press some times F5 to remove this phrase…


That is due to cache issue with MODx but once you clear all those warning MODx run just fine afterward.


hmmm… MODx… MODx is a part of phpBB module, isn’t it?


no MODx is a CMS not a module of phpbb.


Here, more info on MODx for you: http://modxcms.com/

I considered using it at one point, but I ended up using wordpress in conjunction with other scripts instead.


ExpressionEngine also works here http://expressionengine.com/


Anything coded in MP works here. Can we please have Memcache?

For newbie friends: http://www.php.net/memcache


Having some problems with modx and mysql, I guess I could say it works, but I’m getting mysql errors a lot. :frowning:


What kind of errors? Have you checked the modx documentation for advice first and are certain you have entered all the required information correctly? Check and double check and then post the error messages you are getting.


I’m getting “Failed to create the database connection” and sometimes instead of loading administration panel I get redirected to “error.000webhost.com”.

Sometimes everything works great.

I have checked forums and did all that was suggested (cleared cache, checked if installation dir. is deleted, checked file permissions, fixed file permissions in CP, fixed file ownerships in CP, etc). I did follow step by step instruction when installing modx, and I didn’t get any install errors.


As the problem is intermittent, it might be that you’re establishing too many connections or you’re using too many server resources (assuming here that you’re on the free service).

Can you configure modx to output the specific SQL error message? That will help greatly in working out what is failing.


Could that be even though I had a fresh install an hour back, with no users and no real content?

I will try to do that, but I’m not sure how or where.


I am working with Etomite CMS and lightneasy. both are working fine.


They Say:

On your web server, determine the following directories (folders):
web root directory where the mt-static directory will be placed. The webroot directory contains the homepage of the website.
cgi-bin directory where cgi scripts are executable. This directory is usually named cgi-bin, but may be CGI-BIN or cgi. If this directory doesn’t exist as a sibling or child of the web root directory, ask you hosting provider for the location. read here



Hi I installed this CMS and it works very well with www.000webhost.com



PHPnuke is nice too…
it is not in the list…
but it works fine with me…
**PHPnuke ** is the most awesome for me…
and i’m still using it right now…
I suggest to add PHPnuke in the list…:slight_smile:


Doesn’t minibb have any installer??


Drupal won’t even get installed.
But also, I’m looking for a working forum I can install. Anything somebody can recommend?


Drupal install just fine just don’t turn on clean URL until later.