Wordpress gets uninstalled everytime

Hello everyone.
My issue is that I Install wordpress in the panel and start working on my new site. after some time working on it the site logs out and ask me to install wordpress AGAIN and choose site name AGAIN and I lose all previous work. is it normal?

Hello. This is abnormal. I know some other websites have experienced the same issue recently.

Please reset your website and perform a clean Wordpress Installation. Next time the Wordpress installation page occurs again, please clear the browser cache and refresh the page. Please reply the results…

Happened again. I was able to reproduce the error 2 times in a row. I did a reset on the site and a clean install of wordpress- then I created all the pages from scratch again. the bug occurs when I create a MENU in “Appareance - Menu” I add all the pages to create a new menu and I get the “new wordpress site” asking me to register again, user,password,etc. the project is lost.

Basically upgrade or use alternative hosting sorry.

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