Installing CCleaner on Windows


This may help those who want to clear their browser cache and DNS cache at the same time so using CCleaner can kill two birds with one stone.

Download it via Pirform :slight_smile:

Once downloaded launch the setup

Click Install!

Easy as that :smiley:

You can select as many as you want for it to clean as well :slight_smile:

Just make sure to select the cache option on all the browsers you’ve installed

And DNS cache from Windows menu :slight_smile:

It will then run and tell you what it cleared etc.

^Make sure to close down your browsers - it has skipped Google Chrome cache/browser since I had it running.

Pretty straight forward piece of software and you can configure it to run at start up etc.

Handy if you make a lot of changes on your website and want them to reflect and for your cache to be cleared to view the changes and if you change your nameservers etc - DNS cache needs cleared this will do it for you :smile:

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