Can i get http:// Ssl on my website while using a free plan?


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Qn: I have a free music download website and am still using a free website plan and currently my website is ruining but some browser tend to block my website because its not secure. Am asking can i get a free ssl from 000webhost or cloudflare when am still using a free plan, and if Yes how?
my website is


Hi yes you can use cloudflare here. :slight_smile:
Read about how to setup it here and i recommend you to not use 000webhost for business purpose or as downloading site. Your account can be suspended anytime if your overuse them.
How To Use Cloudflare For SSL


Ok here is the issue now
I had tried that and followed that tutorial but when i reached at the stage where you have to wait for 24hours there its about a month now and the status is still pending,
I desided to ask this question because i had thought that maybe free plan cant add ssl.
What do you think could be wrong and how am i getting helped


That’s because your nameservers are pointing to 000webhost’s nameservers instead of CloudFlare’s ones :slight_smile:


So do i have to go to freenom and point the dns to cloudflare?
And won’t i loose my website data if i change to cloudflare


Nope, after you change your nameservers to CF ones, go to DNS tab and add the 2 CNAME records mentioned in the tutorial.


Follow this video tutorial by 000webhost


Thanks so much, i think the video tutorial is much better for beginners, Thumbs up


Hi @kellyug!

Thank you for using Cloudflare’s NSs instead of 000webhost ones. I have just pointed the domain to 000webhost for you.

Now, to enable Cloudflare protection, please go to Cloudflare cPanel > DNS and enable all orange clouds beside CNAME records.

PS: please make sure you have a CNAME record in Cloudflare cPanel > DNS which points www to If you don’t have, please create one:

www ->


Ok thanks so much Teodor i have done all the required and also have www as an alliance of


Cloudflare protection does not appear to be enabled for your site. Please make sure the orange clouds are turned on (please post a screenshot from Cloudflare cPanel > DNS)


Ok i have turned all clouds on
bellow is the screen shot!


But still i cant see the green lock or the https:// on my website
What could be wrong?


Pleasr screenshot Crypto tab :slight_smile:




Does It Work Now?


Happening now


Though i can see the green lock and the https://
What can i do?


Have you installed any force https plugin onto your wordpress website?


Yes i installed a plugin Today it is called velvet