Database connection error seems like entire site is gone

I was logged into my site’s admin page. I updated the few plugins that I had installed, and then I began to delete the many spam user registrations that I had.

While deleting a large block of users, ~100 or so, I got a 504 gateway timeout error and then my website was just gone.

I can’t see files in my file manager, and trying to connect to my site intermittently switches between an error, cannot connect to database error, or a WordPress installation page that I refuse to use.

Shows the installation screen.

My data shouldn’t be deleted from the database because I didn’t execute anything that would cause it to be deleted. It appears that something has ruined whatever WordPress database connectivity should be present to make my website work.

Does anybody have any idea how to resolve this?

If you see that screen, just do not change anything - you just need to wait it out :slight_smile: