If you have migrated to new panel and still you're redirected to migration page,when trying to load your website using custom domain name! Then check this thread!


Can you please go to your registrar


Set them to ns01.000webhost.com and ns02.000webhost.com

You are still pointing at old systems


I have just done that hope that works.


Dear Sir, My website is www.royphysics.netau.net and I am unable to access the admin Panel.
I understand that I need to join new one but when I login in new one it takes me to old platform of control platform. Actually my students have exam and I want to upload files for them.

Please help.


hi i have migrated my websight (www.trialsofelements.com) and it still says to migrate the account
can you please help me out



What is your domain please?


Clear your browser cache, if that doesn’t work use Google DNS and flush your DNS cache.
See the tutorial section on 000webhost.com forums


You need to follow the migration tutorial.

You need to login to the old panel, backup your files, use the MOVE ACCOUNT URL from the tutorial, then hit back to the account list, enter your panel, delete your old site/account, again back to empty account list now, hit your name on the right hand side and delete profile once it appears.

You’ll be logged out now, login to the panel with the same old email address and you’ll be on the new panel, choose FTP username and password, hit set web address and choose your old subdomain which is locked to your old email address.
Now upload your backed up files and your site will be live again.


I am still seeing the old panel IP address listed under an A record maybe the DNS hasn’t updated yet… but it still shows for me, you are wanting this IP address to change to a number starting 145.xx.xx.xx

I would ask your registrar to remove all records totally from your DNS and set only the two required nameservers.

If possible revert to default nameservers on GoDaddy

Then update to ns01.000webhost.com and ns02.000webhost.com

Make sure the list above contains no records referring to any other hosting/ old panel.


deleted all records and is back to their default name servers I’ll change them after work see if that works.


Can you screenshot your “Set Web Address” page from the new control panel?

Many thanks in advance.


I think I see the problem for some reason it hasn’t migrated to the new control panel which is odd.



Whatcha still using?

Follow the migration tutorial, if on account details move step it says you’ve a new account hit back, delete the site from account list by entering cPanel and all the way down hit red x then back to now empty account list, hit your name under customer details and delete profile now login again with same details and new panel will appear.


I’ve delete “my own parked domain” first in my old account. And then add new parked domain in new cpanel of new account. But it shows the same May 1, 2017 warning page after waiting more than 12 hours. So I go to my registrar to turn off ns01.000webhost.com ns02…, and set it back to ns01 ns02.000webhost.com again. Not working. Here is my dig info:


I have moved to the new pannel but my site is not pointing to it


Looks good from this end of the world!


Your site is working now I think!


Thanks!! I still can’t resolve it right here. I will wait another 12 hours to let DNS propagate.


Hi! I get into a loop. The website is paliybiz.tk I navigate to the new members area, but still get to the old one, or so it looks like. Please help.


In the old panel, follow the migration tutorial,


  1. login old panel
  2. backup files / databases
  3. move account details page - do not click login to new panel, you need to delete old one first
  4. from account list, enter cpanel and delete your site/account at the bottom RED X
  5. from empty account list hit your name on the right under customer details
  6. you’ll be logged out, login using the same details
  7. you’ll be logged in the new panel now
  8. choose FTP username/password
  9. set web address - choose old subdomain / domain and park/point etc
  10. upload files using File Manager and import databases using Manage Database after creating them.