Is it possible to restore an unlinked free subdomain?



I accidentally unlinked my free subdomain. My site which was already live turned into a white page. I tried to to find ways but couldn’t. There was no option visible to restore an unlinked free subdomain which was unexpected! So is it possible? Thanks


We removed the subdomain option this week :confused:
You can go grab a free domain at
Or a paid one at
Reply if you need more help :wink:


I see, so which simply means that the subdomain is only free one time upon registration & permanently deleted once its UNLINKED, correct? Thanks.


Nope, you’ll have to grab a free domain at or a paid one at
How to point domain name to
And if you want an SSL certificate, have a look at this tutorial
How To Use Cloudflare For SSL


Sorry, I’m confused. I was referring to the unlinked not the So the freesubdomain could not be restored? Apologies for the clarification.


Oh, I was too a bit confused :blush:
We are sorry, but we removed the free subdomain feature, from now on, you’ll have to either park your domain or point it :wink:


Thank you so much for the prompt reply. This will be remembered. :slight_smile: Cheers!


No problem :wink:
Glad I could help :slight_smile: