No Way to Upload Files

I posted about this yesterday (No File Manager), but the individual who replied did not understand the issue. I posted asking what the current way to upload is, since FTP and the file manager DO NOT work. However, the user simply told me to use FTP or the file manager.

How are we to upload/manage files on our websites without FTP or a file manager? Any help with this is greatly appreciated.

If there is not a way for free users to manage files on their sites, I totally understand this, and I do not feel entitled to a free service. However, I wish to know early rather than later that this service no longer grants users the ability to host free websites so that I can find a new hosting provider for my site.

Hi there, so sorry for the lack of a proper response until now. There is unfortunately a recurring issue with FTP downtime on some nodes, and our developers are looking into it as we speak. We, of course, don’t mean to make it so you can’t use the service - it’s an unfortunate side effect of having lots of users. Be patient, and the issue should be resolved soon (or upgrade to our cheap premium plans where this issue doesn’t exist). Thank you!

Hi I have trouble logging in the 000webhost file manager. Despite the fact I don’t use Filezilla or FTP. I tried changing the password despite typing it correctly it doesn’t work I also tried the fixing option it doesn’t work. I also tried waiting it out however I still can’t login. This isn’t limited to my browser I tried logging in somewhere else doesn’t work as well.

Hi there, the issue you’re experiencing is related to an issue with certain FTP nodes. Rest assured, our developers are working on this issue as we speak - the increased downtime may be due to a larger issue, which might explain why it’s taking so long.

Be patient, and it should be resolved soon. Thank you!

If users are facing FTP issues or inaccessibility periods to the file manager all we can do is ask you to wait them out.
Once you have regained access via two official methods being FTP or the file manager built into our panel then you can use the PHP script to upload to your website so in future when you are affected by node issues you can still access your files.

Sorry I actually tried waiting it out for the past few days still doesn’t work.

I can see theolexblog is on a high traffic node which is why it appears inaccessible.
I can only ask you continue to wait it out or upgrade or use alternative hosting. There isn’t anything we can do to speed up this unfortunately.

if you’ve not already tried to change your FTP password that could be one more option to try but from what I’m looking at your on a high traffic node which is why there is no access

So…free users still have FTP access? It says it’s a premium feature now. What’s with the change, and what will the solution be for free users?

Where does it say it is a premium feature please and I’ll remove this asap?

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